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Re: Re: Re: Re: Hiding the hands

Posted by: Bob (rvgjeg@verizon.net) on Sat Jan 5 23:52:26 2008

Hi Jack
I have noticed A Rod,gets his hands in the launch position as he
starts his stride.at toe touch he is ready to initiate his swing.
That would be his style.Barry Bonds and many others have perfected
moving their hands after the release of the ball and they can still
time the pitch. It allows him to be quick and it allows him to wait
on the off speed pitches.A hitter hits with his eyes,and his anticipation of the type off pitch he is expecting or location.
I have talked to major league hitters and they will tell you if you are facing a good pitcher if he makes a mistake they get a good swing.
If he hits his spot,you go sit down.Henry Aaron said he was guessing
most of the time.All of the mechanics in the world won't help us if
he hits his spots.I can tell you from experience,a ninety five mile
per hour fastball is a blurr.Yet it can be hit if he gets it out over the plate,or if it straightens out.My conclusion the best hitters see the ball sooner than the rest of us.

Best regards



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