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Help!, I can't apply my practice swing to an actual game!

Posted by: Romeo () on Sat Jul 8 04:13:03 2000

I am 15 y/o playing JV ball and have been practicing my drills in accordance with the hitting for excellence course, I make the perfect L and I pull my hands back and I hit the ball well...in practice with the T and dry swings, my problem comes during game time. I tend to change my stance to a more crouched, coiled up stance and I can't even tell that I am doing it till I see it in video. The results are a weak swing, delayed hitting, pop ups, you name it all except the perfect line drive than I am seeking. My question is, what drill or drills can I do to transfer my practice stance to game situation stance. I am tired of not hitting and not knowing how to fix it. Thanks in advance,



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