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Re: Re: Weight Shift - Truism or Fallacy

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Jan 19 13:48:43 2008

>>> 1- MECHANICAL. Best model is Mankin CHP and TORQUE

Hip motion involves where center is and when and how the weight is carried on the feet. Yeager's info is the best for understanding the MLB action that has to fit into the big picture. <<<

Hi Tom

First, I thank you for your evaluation of our transfer mechanics. We can debate the value of x-factor and other topics in other threads. After we have finished discussing whether or not “weight shift” constitutes the development of momentum, I plan to address Yeager’s theory.

Yeager theory basically states that when the forward momentum of the body attained during the stride is blocked, the linear momentum is convert into the angular rotation of the hips. We will discuss whether or not the laws of physics support his theory?

This why I first wanted to show that what we refer to as ‘weight shift” does not itself constitute the development of forward momentum.

Jack Mankin


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