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Look at my swing

Posted by: Matt (mail@bytesizesound.com) on Tue Jul 1 07:50:25 2003

I made this mistake of posting this yesterday,
on the last day of the month.

So I was originally going to post here that I've
been having all sorts of problems with my
swing in my adult league on the weekends,
getting around late and/or just not hitting. So I
had my wife videotape my swing so I could
digitize and post it- and on the first pitch, I
knock a bad-hop single over the third

So I'd still like anbody who wants to to look at
my swing and critique it. How are my arms?
How's my stride? What sorts of things am I
doing wrong? Are my hands too high? Any
training suggestions? I've just started to try to
emulate the rotational mechanics Jack talks
about, comparing me at particular frames to
the animation on this site (and it hasn't been
easy). Any comments are welcome, just go
easy about the hair and the gut.




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