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Re: Re: Weight Shift - Truism Not Fallacy

Posted by: Boardy (fastpitchnut@comcast.net) on Sun Jan 20 12:28:44 2008

> The subject of this thread is to show that momentum is generated from the movement of mass but not from what from what we call “weight shift.” I wanted to make this distinction for our further discussion on momentum. I used this particular Bonds clip (no forward movement) to make that point.
> Jack Mankin

Jack, "Gaining Forward Velocity", "Shifting the COM", and "Weight Shift(Transfer)" are all the same thing. Weight is a measurement of Mass, and is being shifted in space. Why are attempting to make a distinction that doesn't exist?

Bonds and Pujols absolutely shifts their COM/Weight/Mass forward prior to swing initiation, and MORE IMPORTANTLY to your "thread subject", is still shifting COM/Weight/Mass forward during launch intitiation and prior to blocking. Notice in my clips, the rear/front shoulder and bathead begin rotation in the last frame of transfer shown in these clips.


IMO, your analysis of this fact is flawed as indicated here of Bonds and Pujols shifting the COM and initiating his launch during the end of that shift.


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