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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Axis Tilt & Shoulder Rotation

Posted by: Graylon (g_dunc@hotmail.com) on Fri Jan 25 20:42:45 2008

> > An 18U Girls Softball Team? You're kidding, right?
> >
> > You make decisions on what is right and what is wrong based on that sample?
> >
> > You can count the number of high level girl's softball swings IN THE ENTIRE WORLD....without getting to your toes.
> >
> > I doubt you have any of them on your team. Actually, it's obvious you don't.
> >
> > Let's look up the definition of malpractice.
> Thank you for making it clear, again, once and for all, that even when directly challenged to do so, you cannot offer an articulate, coherent set of instructions to hitters that your (latest) "theory" of hitting would generate.


I do not have to defend Teacherman, he can defend himself. What I would like to say to you is don't just dismiss what he says. Try it, not just say do it but really try it.

Hips and hands or really probably hands and hips. One way to explain it to your team, instead of saying swing with your hips and hands and no shoulder rotation, tell them to think about turning the bat around there hands. First it turns back and then it changes direction and turns forward towards the ball. As the bat goes back the hips will open and the shoulders will tilt, as the hands start to turn the barrel forward push off of the back foot and the bat will be launched at the ball. Put a ball on a "T", down the middle, have them in slow motion try different ways to square the bat to the ball so it would be hit back up the middle. You will discover that the easiest way to acheive this is by turning the bat in the hands.

If they are thinking about rotating the shoulders they will have a hard time turning the bat around there hands. If they are turning there shoulders with out first turning the bat around the hands, then they will be pulling there hands and in turn pulling the bat through the zone. They may be able to generate more bat speed this way but the sacrafice is quickness and the ability to square the bat to the ball as often.

When I discovered this my sons power and batting average went up a lot. One cue I use with him sounds linear but it works for him and that is take your hands to the ball while applying force to the handle the whole swing by turning the bat around your hands. That is why you will hear some MLB players say they take there hands to the ball, they try to stay linear with there hands but the rotating hips will always put there hands in a circular path.

Try it you might like it.



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