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Re: Re: Re: Re: Timing

Posted by: ray porco () on Sat Jul 19 14:43:01 2003


If your definition of timing is "...a feel you get from swinging the bat in practice and games.", then it can be "...a hand hitch, knee cock or a few other things."
But, if your definition of timing is more along the lines of adjustment to the pitch (fastball vs. change), then I respectfully disagree. A hand hitch or knee cock, or even toe lift-off and toe (actually: ball of foot) landing of stride may occur at different times for different batters, BUT, occur at the same time for each individual batter. To clarify - toe lift-off of stride for Tino Martinez occurs much earlier than Bonds, but it occurs at the same time every time for Martinez. Likewise, Bonds.
Pitch adjustment occurs after the ball of the foot lands when striding.

ray porco


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