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Re: Re: Re: What generates hip rotation

Posted by: Dave P (cdpaetkau@telus.net) on Wed Jan 30 23:05:07 2008

> This....
> """When the swing begins in the waist it goes out to the feet and up to the shoulders and is not as efficent as it could be."""
> Is nonsense.

Can you explain then what your feelings are because you have not given me any reasons why. If there is no reason why then why do we listen to you teacherman??

If you rotate your back foot your hips must rotate but if you rotate your hips your foot does not have to rotate and if it does not rotate the hips are slowing down because they are fighting against resistance. Resistance against rotation slows down rotation and the slower you rotate the slower you swing.

Those are my reasons why now lets here yours.

Dave P


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