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Re: MotionView -- MAC Compatible Software?

Posted by: BatSpeed.com (Batspeed@verizon.net) on Thu Jan 31 14:00:15 2008

Question: Is the MotionView video analysis software program compatible with MAC operating systems?

Answer: Yes for newer, faster Macs. But not very well on older Macs.

Although MotionView was initially designed for Windows PC operating system, it is possible to run MotionView on a Mac OS, although the particular type of Mac will make a big difference in the results. The newer Macs, based on Intel processors, can actually load and run Windows XP just like a Windows PC. With these types of Mac computers, running XP, there is no problem running the MotionView software. The computer is really just another type of Windows PC in this case. The key is that the Mac must have a bootable XP operating system, as well as the Mac operating system, so check your particular Mac system.

Older Macs, running "non-Intel" processors, can run MotionView within a "Windows Emulator." This is essentially a "virtual Windows PC" that runs as a program on the Mac, allowing it to run Windows programs inside the Mac OS world. In this case, MotionView will run, but it probably will not have video capture capabilities, since the firewire hardware does not flow through to the virtual PC. Also, unless the Mac is really fast, the performance of MotionView in this environment may not be very snappy. Creating video lessons with the Digital VCR though was not too impressive.

So please check your Mac OS and confirm that it can load and run Windows XP.


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