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Re: help!

Posted by: Doug () on Wed Jul 30 16:08:47 2003

i'm going to be a jr. in high school this year,and i want to be at the top of my game by this spring. my question is my swing. when i swing with linear mechanics i make contact most of the time,but when i swing with rotational mechanics i have more power but the pitches i hit the most consistant are the low fastballs and curves. So should i work harder on the rotational mechanics or just take the easy way out and use linear mechanics. (when i throw my hands at the ball i usually inside out but with rotational i don't) I am a die hard baseball fanatic and my dream is to play pro baseball and i feel the only way i can accomplish that is to get maximum performance. If anyone can give me and opinion i would really appretiate it.

Swingman, I don't really know what linear mechanics are, but rotational mechanics are what most major league players use. If you have good pitch selection at the plate it will really help you. Until you have two strikes, look for a pitch in your happy area and don't swing if it is not there. Your goal should be to get 4-6 fastballs in 4 AB's and if you hit two of them hard you will be successful. It takes patience to do this, but then again it takes patience to become a good hitter too. Work hard on your rotational mechanics and get a good fastball to hit.



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