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Re: end of bat

Posted by: Jimmy () on Sun Feb 10 22:08:27 2008

> If you hit the ball off the end of the bat, is that a result of being to early on the pitch or your hips flying open? how do you correct it

Hi Mike,

It could be a result of either. Even with the best swing mechanics... if the timing of the swing is dramatically off, it could be possible to hit the ball off the end of the bat.

It is more likely that the hitters' front side (front hip, front shoulder) is flying open in a bad way vs. opening up within the proper forces and timing of the swing.

I state it that way because the front side does and should open, BUT...it needs to open with the proper amount of force in relation to the back side, and it needs to open within the right timing of the rest of the body during the swing.

In other words...don't let your front hip/shoulder fly open on its own strength. Let the front side open naturally as a result of the back side doing more of the work (not all of the work, just more of it).

Hope this helps!



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