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Re: Re: Improving power

Posted by: Coach Floyd (fraziersoftball@zoominternet.net) on Fri Apr 4 16:24:31 2008

That's one thing, we have been working, but I have gotten really discouraged with the results so far for the slapping. Will definitely work on more drag bunting, push bunting, etc..

What hurts us is we are allowed only 20 games in our District, and 15 of them are against Section competition, so that only leaves 5 games to really try out other kids.

I got the larry ray DVD, the total short game, and also, the art of slap hitting. I just don't know if I'm better off to let them stay right handed or to turn them around. We are a single A school with 15 kids on our roster, and would only consider playing 11 or so of them on varsity. Also, very little team speed.

i think everything goes back to their newness to the game, they are slowly comprehending what we are trying to do, but its taking time.

Am I better off to take a new slapper and have her take three whacks at it, and strike out, or to have her bat right handed and put a ball into play weakly, and not strike out? thoughts?


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