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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: It's just a turn

Posted by: T Olson () on Wed Oct 4 13:41:02 2000

Thanks for the clarification.

I just want to state that I don't agree with anyone's model 100%. I'm on a long-term mission to develop my own "model of understanding". We all use "throwaway lines" that are sometimes less than perfect but don't necessarily hinder the basic point that we are trying to make.

I find points of disagreement with anyone I talk to but I've also revised my model numerous times because I rethought my position based on someone else's comments.

I'm much farther ahead in my understanding because I have went to sites like this (Setpro and HFE too) and engaged in healthy debate. We can all learn more as a group than as an individual. I'm quite sure that Jack, Paul at Setpro, Dave at HFE, and others feel that they haven't stopped learning from the people that post at these sites.


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