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Re: Question for Jack--Observation 1

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Thu Oct 19 13:53:52 2000

>>>I have reviewed Sammy Sosa's swings in the freeze-frame mode on my VCR during my spare time this week. While he may exhibit pure rotational mechanics, I noticed that as he spins his hips, both legs are bent, and as both rotate around, it seems as if the right leg < and the left leg > come together as if they are forming a diamond <> to give a maximum velocity spin so the energy of both leg are expended at contact. Do you agree with my analysis, and why? <<<


I agree with your analysis that maximum hip rotation is achieved from using both legs to apply torque to the hips. This is one reason I am opposed to the batting theory of casting weight forward to a firm (or straight) front leg. If the lead leg is straighter (less flex) at foot plant, it would reduce the ability of the lead leg to drive hip rotation. Using only the back leg will cause the center of axis to shift forward ("back to center"). This is a far less efficient mechanic.

Jack Mankin


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