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Re: Instructo swing/the ultimate batting tee

Posted by: Teacherman () on Wed Sep 29 05:57:33 2004

> i would like to know if your feelings have changed on the instructo swing training device?I am the inventor of this device,It now can be used for all swing planes.I would love to here your thoughts.I would love to clear up any misunderstandings of this training device.My experience as an instructor and exprofessional ball player gives me validity .Any questions concerning the instructo swing please call me at (513)616-3611 .I would love to here from anyone interested in this product, it is the best swing training device there is for developing the correct approach to the ball.The instructo swing is the ultimate batting tee for developing the proper approach for hitting .ERIK LASEKE INVENTOR!! (513)616-3611 Please call for product info

Is this an admission that the old model actually hurt players and that there will be refunds to those that purchased it? How many times is a company allowed to "rethink" and then "resell"


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