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Mike Epstein's credibility

Posted by: Laser_Fast_Eyes () on Thu Dec 7 13:54:04 2000

On another board, de novo Williams advocate Mike Epstein has been responding to posts, calling some posters by name, generally getting to know folks, just gabbing and contributing. Now, a lot of his contributions are anecedotes and terms burgled from Steve Ferroli, but forget that for now.

In one thread he regales us with a story about how 1920's Detroit Tigers great Harry Heilmann gave him a personal hitting lesson. Epstein even wrote that Harry called him "Mike."

I got a problem with this. Harry Heilmann died in 1952. Mike Epstein was born in 1943.

You can look it up on Setpro under the baseball vs. fastpitch thread; it is Epstein's most recent post, way near the bottom.


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