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Posted by: ray porco () on Fri Dec 8 17:29:36 2000

to ALL,

recent postings by persons signaturing posts as charlie lau jr. and as mike epstein, have caused certain forum members to question their true identity. i believe that these recent posts and subsequent bantering by forum members has reached a point (at least for me) where i now question the integrity of the hosting forums. serious questions have been raised in my mind:

are these people who they purport to be?

are they mere jokesters?

or salesmen?

could they be crowd plants?

or saboteurs?

some will call me an alarmist, but i NOW find myself questioning the integrity of each and every person who posts, and that should not be happening.

what to do? perhaps no one will agree, but i think it is time that all three forum hosts (dave,jack, and paul) address this situation.

ray porco


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