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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: question about BATSPEED

Posted by: FreddyF (fcf98@interlynx.net) on Wed Dec 20 17:25:44 2000

The issue of tightness of grip addresses only the strength of grip of the same individual. A player with strong hands, wrists and forearms will hit the ball farther than the person that is weaker with the same bat weight and bat speed. The examples by Adair on COR values are based on rebound from an ash wall backed by concrete and he also states that a ball hit at the center of percussion is the same as a the bat having no attchment to the hands as a hinging moment. While the bat will not hinge at this point the wrists are whipping and driving through the ball at contact and the person with stronger wrists will have a higher post-contact bat speed implying less energy lost at impact resulting in the ball being hit further.

The easiest test is shaking hands. All of us have noticed some people have very strong grips and some have almost limp grips. So assuming they both swing a bat and with efficient mechanics and can achieve the same bat speed, which one would hit the ball farther?

I am a carpenter, and employ both good mechanics and hand and wrist strength to drive a nail. The swing motion is just slight forearm movement and a whip of the wrist. Very little arm motion but high hammer head speed and strength to drive through after contact. All of the mechanics that get you out front quickly and efficiently only set up the final step accelerating the bat head and driving through the ball. If I held the hammer too firmly I would actually swing slower with too much tension. It is the strength not the squeeze.

I would be interested in any observations that any of you have in pre-contact and post-contact bat speeds of different stength individuals.

Just my view on things, I certainly welcome your comments.


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