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Re: Re: Ted Williams and other great hitters

Posted by: john (ajjdad@hotmail.com) on Mon Jun 2 21:46:37 2008

Well, honestly,it's refreshing to feel I'm not alone on this.
Look, I really do respect anyone that invests a lot of their time researching this stuff. But, when there is in depth research and discussion, on the amount of degrees between the wrists of the bottom and top hands, I truly feel it's unapplicable, information overload.
But, the MOST important issue for me is, what is going to be the simplest, cleanest, approach for teaching the kids. Getting all hung up on the breakdown on every, single, solitary miniscule, movement of the swing, becomes, in my opinion, counter productive.
My opinion why people don't want to look at what Ted said many years ago, is because it's too simple and, not sexy enough.
I leave you with this question; what do you think, Williams, Ruth, Gerhig, Mantle, and all the great hitters since them, would think of the way the swing is put under a microscope in this forum?


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