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Mechanic that determines maximized batspeed

Posted by: Swing Student () on Wed Jun 4 23:04:48 2008

What is the mechanic that measures how far you will hit the ball? For example, Albert Pujols and Sammy Sosa, two probably equally strong/athletic and equally great rotational hitters. Pujols in a Home Run Derby hits the ball at a max of 490 or so feet. Sosa hits the ball at a max of 560 feet. Corked bats do not create extra distance according to Mythbusters, so what's Sosa doing that Pujols isn't, or what is Sosa doing better? I remember Sosa hit a ball at the Home Run Derby in Milwaukee that traveled 563 feet I think and hit the slide. Just like a pitcher who has better timing in his mechanics may throw 5 mph harder than a guy who looks like he has the same mechanics, something must be the ultimate deciding factor for batspeed.


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