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Re: Re: Re: Re: Which workouts are best for hitting?

Posted by: Ryan (jonsonmusic@aol.com) on Fri May 6 11:55:08 2005

> > I am 13 years old and little and no to strong i need to no what to do
> Ive was in your position not too long ago and went from lead off hitter to power hitter over a summer. You have to bench press like crazy and get your swing down. A nice smooth swing were will be noticed by coaches. Trust me lift weights every day!

As a strength coach and athletic trainer, I'm going to have to disagree with that. At 13, it's a little too early for most kids to start working out with heavy weights. It's more important to focus on your swing mechanics. You don't need to worry about physical strength right now, that could do more harm than good. There is always going to be an exception to the rule but 99% of the time, you should not weight lift at that young of an age.


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