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Re: Re: back foot

Posted by: Mke (reyg121@yahoo.com) on Thu Jun 19 13:24:33 2008

> Well, I'm curious to know what your hitting guys position is here?
> In my opinion, it has very much to do with pitch location.
> When you see the back foot elevate,it's due in large part to the height of the pitch within the strike zone. I mean contact made at the letters, is normally going to result in less rear tilt of the body, which in turn, requires less support from the rear leg and, foot.
> Conversely, a much lower pitch, say at the knees, will result in somewhat the opposite result in tilting, requiring the need for rear leg support. I can't recall a quality swing on a pitch at the knees, where the rear foot came off the ground.
> Since I don't know your position or, your hitting guys postition on this, I'm certainly curious as to where each of you stand?
> Take care.
> John.

Thanks for the reply. Everything this site has to offer is where I stand. But you are absolutely right about pitch location. Certain pictures can be deceving because it does look at times as if the foot comes completly off the ground. So therefore you have coaches teaching to slide your back foot forward and the back foot comes completly up just like the photos. How do you explain that?


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