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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: not hitting sweet spot

Posted by: john (ajjada@hotmail.com) on Fri Jun 27 21:09:12 2008

Graylon, unless I'm not understanding your point but, I don't agree with your analogy of your second baseman reference.
The sweet spot posts were made regarding a lot of dialogue regarding what part of the upper torso should be initiating the swing.
As much as I will admit that there's room for discussion regarding the trigeer of hands versus shoulders, the rear elbow connection in the swing, being a vital constant, the same cannot be said ,of an infielder completing a double play.As we've all seen, infielders have to make acrobatic plays at times to get outs and, there bodies are at times not in sync or, working as a unit, as opposed to the hitters necessary attempt at consistent, repetitive, mechanics.
Do some MLB guys think hands? Some think shoulders or, just dropping the rear shoulder? I guess you'd get two schools of thought.
The end results, are all the same though;everything comes through as a unit.
Again, with the kids, I think it's easier to teach a shoulder turn and, let the hands take care of themselves.

Take care.



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