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Re: Re: "slight change at initiation" and proof

Posted by: ray porco (rporco@verizon.net) on Sat May 28 18:23:00 2005

Your quote:
>>>If you do not believe (or understand) that a change in the direction of force applied by the top-hand (THT) during initiation produces different trajectories of the body, limbs and bat, I seriously doubt if there is “proof” you would believe or understand.<<<

Proving your “assertion” should not just be for my benefit alone. Forget me, - do it for your readers’ sake. Or do you feel that you can just make any statement you want about batting a baseball and expect everyone to believe? Or is it that you don’t want to offer supporting proof, because you can’t?

Your quote:
>>>In the past, you have not even accepted the fact that the application of torque at the handle is a factor in the bat’s trajectories.<<<

That is either a lie or a very bad mistake by you. To make a statement like that about someone does demand proof. Prove it.

Your quote:
>>>Ray, if you still believe that torque is not a factor in generating bat speed, then not only is there no proof I can offer, there is not even a basis for further discussion.<<<

Even if I did believe that torque is not a factor, that’s not what I’m asking you to prove. Slight changes in the initiation of the swing to accommodate inside and outside pitches, is what I ask you to SHOW. I am asking you HOW you came to believe that. WHAT caused you to believe that?

Your quote:
>>>At http://www.batspeed.com/research10.html there is the following definition of torque taken from a high school physics book. -- “Torque is the result of two forces being applied to an object from opposing directions that cause the object to rotate about a point.”

So let us start there. Do you accept or reject what is stated at http://www.batspeed.com/research10.html?<<<

Whether I accept or reject your credo should have absolutely nothing, I repeat positively nothing to do with whether or not you are willing to prove your assertion that, “The change in the batter’s initiation that programs the swing is controlled mainly by the direction of pull of the top hand. In other words, the direction of pull of the top hand at initiation sets up trajectories (of the bat, limbs and body) that control the balance of the swing.”

If someone else (someone you didn’t know) had asked you to prove your statement, would you?

Please answer the question.
Are you afraid to provide proof, or is it that you simply can’t?


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