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Re: Re: Feet Moving

Posted by: Vic (oxfordgroup15@yahoo.com) on Mon Jul 7 07:40:23 2008

> > When at bat my son's feet move up and down like a chopping motion, right as the pitcher is pitching. This obviously causes him to swing weak because he's not planted and rotating on his feet.
> >
> > ADVICE PLEASE!!!!!!!
> Vic. A number of hitters have done something like that. The key is whether or not your son is set when the pitcher is in his throwing motion. That is the time that he should be preparing his inward knee turn.
> Reggie Jackson used to move his feet up and down prior to swinging. Hal Morris actually ran up to the ball via slow pitch softball. It all depends on the results.

Result is weak dribblers to infield. No power at all. The more we talk about it the worst it gets. When we hit by ourself he doesnt do it. I need to figure out the mental side of it and assist him with conquering it. I know it's up to him though.


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