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The secret to Brian Roberts

Posted by: Hitter (hitguru205@aol.com) on Thu Jul 7 12:49:48 2005

I think I've found out why Brian Roberts is having such a good season. He looks for the perfect pitch to pull, and he pulls it 99% of the time. When you pull a ball, the chances of hitting a double are really not that much different than when you hit a ball into the gap or straight away. But your chances of hitting a HOMERUN are greatly increased, because the fences are a shorter distance away. Well, is it any coincidence that Roberts' doubles rate is the same as last years? Is it also any coincidence that his homerun rate is dramatically increased?

The only drawback is that he is a switch hitter, so I cannot accurately tell if this is what is going on by checking out his hit graph, but that is my observation.


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