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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Girls and rotational mechanics.

Posted by: Andy the other one () on Sun Jul 24 22:56:16 2005

>> Hi Andy
> Do you think that if Ted Williams had used linear mechanics he might have raised his AVE to 450 or higher?
> Jack Mankin

Hi jack,

there are a lot exampels for both styles e.g. Ichiro Susuki, Tony Gwyn at times. But the point of an high average is to hit the ball cleanly or you think Ted Williams was hitting over 450 without hitting on the sweet spot? It is easier to hit the ball cleanly with linear mechanics, but when you have outstanding hand-eye coordination you also can hit the ball with rotational mechanics cleanly, then with more power, but at first you have to hit the ball square. And that is definitely easier with linear mechanics, when you mastered it, go and try rotational.

greets andy


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