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Re: Best way to accelerate bat early?

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sun Aug 7 10:40:12 2005

>>> What is the best way to apply Pre Launch Torque early in the swing? I've come up with my own way(s), but would a Jose Guillen approach (cocks the bat straight up the first base line, bringing the bat almost parallel to the ground) work best? Or just a simple bat cock like A-Rod work best? http://www2.tokai.or.jp/mlb/se412_alex605_012.jpg <<<

Hi Hitter

There are a number of different styles used successfully by the best hitters to apply Pre-Launch Torque. It appears to be a matter of preference and what may be best suited for one may not be best for all. Whatever style is used, its basic purpose is to make the bat feel lighter during initiation by having the bat-head accelerated at launch (less inertia to overcome).

Hitter, I would suggest to you that unless you have sound productive mechanics from the normal launch position, attempting PLT of any style is counterproductive. I have found its application magnifies the existing flaws in a batter’s mechanics. I think your practice time would be better spent working on lessening the tension of your wrist and arms to allow the pendulum effect of your CHP to swing the bat-head instead of muscling it around. Then work on adding a little BHT (and later THT) without altering your CHP.

Good CHP and BHT mechanics alone can produce a college or pro prospect hitter. When applied correctly, they can generate all the bat speed you will need for pitches middle-in. Then you can work on adding THT for pitches away. --- PLT is better used once you are a successful hitter with the other three.

Jack Mankin


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