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Re: Re: Lead Arm/Barred Arm

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Aug 1 19:39:37 2008

“to have a front arm bar means your arm is extended..you look like a backhanded tennis player.. you are pulling the bat through the contact zone rather than using your power side to push. the LAWS OF PHYSICS state that the greater the extension on the arm, the slower the bat speed..”

“also a straight arm means you will not be getting any power from snapping your wrist just prior to contact..it's pretty hard to snap your srist when your arm is straight.. if the elbow is bent, is becomes much easier to impart force with your front wrist..”

“if BOTH your arms are bent as you fire, with your hands inside the ball.. this will generate the greatest batspeed..”

Hi All

Above are a few excerpts from George’s post. View the clips below and judge for yourself “if BOTH your arms are bent as you fire” will generate the greatest bat speed and “the greater the extension on the arm, the slower the bat speed.”

Some good hitters lead arm

Jack Mankin


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