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Re: Re: Bat Drag vs Bat Lag

Posted by: rql () on Sun Aug 17 15:24:26 2008

> > What is the difference between Bat drag and Bat Lag?
> Bat Lag=good
> Bat Drag=bad
> Do a google search and you should come to a site 'Baseball-Fever'(?) with some pics.
> Lag is where the head of the bat is behind the hands and, from my view, in line with the forearm..if ever so briefly.
> Drag is where the back elbow, for whatever reason, gets ahead of the hands or directly under them.
> I really would like a list of drills to correct this....so if anyone out there has some.............

>>KML if you can figure out the for whatever reason,then the solutions come easier,I would say often the drag comes about because the rear elbow is coming down faster than the hands are moving forward ,now normally I find the hands are not coming forward because of slow or lack of shoulder roration,the bottom hand being pulled forward by the lead shoulder rotation keeps the hands ahead of rear elbow,so work on 1 arm lead arm drills pulling the bottom hand thru by rotating and staying connected.


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