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Re: Re: Lead Arm

Posted by: Chuck () on Wed Sep 28 21:01:00 2005

No great hitter has a straight hand path?

Your mistaken. No great power hitter has a straight hand path. But almost all the great high average hitters have a straight hand path.
(I use Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners as a prime example, as unothodox as his swing may be, he still takes a straight path to the ball.)

That fact is this! As we all know the shortest path to a point is a straight line, not a curve, and not a circle.
A short path to the ball allows a hitter to wait longer and see the ball better so therefore he will be more percise with his swing.

A curved or circular path to the ball is longer, which causes the hitter to have to start his swing a bit earlier (cheating) although more momentum and angular displacement (faster bat) may be generated a long circular hand path to the ball makes for a less percise swing.

This is why homer run hitters tend to bat for lower averages, and high average hitters tend to hit less home runs.

It's a matter of preference, and I prefer the high average.


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