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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Inside the ball

Posted by: Melvin () on Tue Aug 26 09:44:06 2008

> Keep casting and pulling around with the lead shoulder...Try laterally tilting and see what happens...>

Casting is a straw man. Casting is when the barrel is thrown ahead of the hands at initiation. No one is saying that.

Casting has nothing to do with the lead arm. It is a golf term invented by the few pros in the world, Scots, to skin wealthy Americans out of money for lessons about 100 years ago.

I guess it could apply to baseball. But all it means is moving the striking head of an implement of the hands at initiation. Casting is mostly a spastic throwing action of the top hand and has little to do with the lead arm.

Lateral tilt. No is saying avoid adjusting the spine angle as required to get to the pitch.

Pulling off. No one is saying open the shoulders and fly the hips before decision.

You are inventing false arguments and then demolishing them. No one is arguing for the points you seem to think they are.



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