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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Inside the ball

Posted by: Teacherman () on Sun Aug 31 11:31:36 2008

Quite the contrary. Your video has been crossexamined....many times.....without adequate rebuttal from you. And, our video has been presented without experimentation from you to verify. YOU simply repeat your standard lines.

This clip is the best instructional clip I've seen.


You can clearly see the hips rotating in a mostly horizontal plane. Yet, the shoulders are moving in a different plane. That is because the shoulders are laterally tilting. The lateral tilt occurs at 'go'....it removes all slack between the upper and lower body and then the hips turn everything above....together. Notice the shoulder/hip angle of displacement AFTER the lateral tilt remains the same until contact....THEN then shoulders rotate to completion.

The most accurate description of Bonds....the high level swing.....is he loads the rear hip....rides the back leg....pushes with the rear foot to gain momentum.....and 'holds' or arrests this forward momentum with his hands.....which causes the hips to open....the lower body running start.....and then at decision to 'go'.....he laterally tilts the shoulders.....a very explosive move....much more explosive than shoulder rotation.....at the same time he swivels the top hand sending the barrel into it's rearward arc....the rearward barrel syncs with the hip opening....causing the overlap....the cusp.....which whips the bat through contact.

What Batspeed.com refuses to change is their stance on a stationery axis....which is completely inaccurate. There is no stationery axis....there are two pivot points in the high level swing. The rear hip and the hands. And these two pivot points work opposite/against each other initially and then sync.....come together....to create the cusp....the whip of the barrel into contact. This is extremely important for the energy of the swing to be directed into the ball....instead of around the body.

Brian and Jack will not get to the truth until they take some cuts against live pitching......which is an eyeopener.....which isn't likely to happen......so they will continue to miss the truth.


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