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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hitters of the past.

Posted by: Tim () on Sun Aug 31 16:23:45 2008

> "Say Hey," What about Willie M., Joe D., I'll bet all the guys that say todays hitters are better, havent picked up on any baseball history. Catch a few books on the subject. This opinion of todays are better probably comes from someone who doesnt know what Ebbets field was or any lessons of the past.We call em "kids"... These old timers 'has beens' have stood the test of time, "nuff said"?

I know the Dodgers played at Ebbets field, I know that Ted Williams ranks third all time in batting average, I know that Babe Ruth was only 6'2" 215 pounds and he considered to be an "imposing figure" at the plate and on the mound. (Today 6'2" 215 is considered average size)

I know my history, that's why I say that players of today are much better than players of the past. I even heard Willie Mays say it when I was watching a home run derby a few years ago. Mays said that he wasn't sure that if he had played in today's era he'd be able to keep up. Guys today are just better. They're bigger, taller, faster, stronger, and more technically skilled. Ty Cobb couldn't have dreamt of hitting Pedro Martinez with that ugly contortion he called a baseball swing.


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