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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hands back,then stride VS stride as hands go back

Posted by: John D (John@Dresslar.com) on Thu Nov 17 16:48:57 2005

These are all telling point, but I'm almost having trouble finding the original question in all that. The short answer is as Scott described it: "watch big league guys and you will see that where a hitter starts is extremely varied, compare that to where a hitter ends up the spilt second prior to starting the initiation of their swing and you will see that they are all in about the same spot and position." Don't worry what the hands are doing prior to the foot plant (as long as they're not moving so much a la Sheffield) that you can't get them in the right position). All most the variety in hand movements are to get the batter loaded and his timing down. Just be comfortable and balanced.


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