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Re: Re: Re: Initiation: The Running Start

Posted by: Shawn () on Mon Sep 22 19:44:04 2008

> > Interesting post. What recognized scientific/anatomic principles do you cite to support it?
> Why do I need to site anything to support my claims? Just look at video of a major league swing and you might see what I'm talking about. If you've experience the feeling of hitting a homerun you'll probably understand what I'm saying.
> I guess the biggest scientific principle I appeal to is the principle of wave. As you know a wave is a disturbance that travels through a medium. In the case of the baseball swing the hips create the disturbance and the body is the medium in which the energy travels. For an outside pitch smaller disturbance, smaller wave. For an inside pitch larger disturbance, larger wave.
> For my argument against the hands generating batspeed during the backswing, it's a basic physical principle that all forces are linear. Accelerating the bat downward during the backswing does not help at all in creating forward batspeed. Yes, a force may be channelled in a multitude of different directions which will change the path that it travels through a medium but that doesn't make it non-linear. If I run across a wall and repeatedly bounce a ball off of it the path that the ball takes (as seen from directly above) would be a zig-zag. Would you call that a zig-zag force? Of course not, it's just a bunch of linear forces moving in different directions.
> This isn't a theory on the baseball swing, I'm not trying to solve or prove anything. I'm just telling you what it is. I know I'm correct because I actual put what I say into practice, I don't just theorize I also test. I've cut down my backswing to almost nothing and have let my hips (the greatest power source) do all the work. I'm hitting the ball just as far and I'm not getting frozen by hanging breaking balls any more. It's amazing how much more of a consistent hitter I've become by cutting out all of the unnecessary movements prior to my actual swing.


There is some things I can take from your posts, but most of it is the same old story.

The hips play their role, they do not dominate the swing. And while activity begins in the hip region, the legs start at the same time. You would have to understand how the legs and hips start the sequence and then transfer energy, linking up to the next segment causing/creating force. And as they link up they give up a good deal of their energy and are no longer the driving force of the swing.

And I find it interesting you are using the term of creating "waves" and would not understand that hips just play a role in creating a wave. Waves are closer to fluid physics, or whatever they call it.

I know someone who is looking into this type of physics in the swing.

The goal of the swing is to not just use the hips, you have to understand the goal of the swing to understand the swing. And you did not mention the goal, except it's all about the hips, that is not the goal of the swing.


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