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Observation 1: for Jack

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sun Apr 1 21:24:18 2001

Dear Jack,
Since you have made claims that Barry Bonds has exceptional rotational mechanics, I have watched his swing in frame-by-frame. In summary, I agree with you.

However, even though he is using both legs to rotate around a stationary axis, it seems that he generates the turn by using the ball of the back foot. I'm not saying he "SQUISHES THE BUG," which involves a slow, deliberate turn on the ball of the back foot; all I'm trying to suggest is that he uses the following formula--as pointed out by one instructor I was taught by--in a swing: "SLOW STEP [with the front foot, making sure little weight is shifted, so he can time the pitch, and come to full balance], and FAST TURN [on the ball of his back foot]. I do not think Barry Bonds consciously straightens the front leg.

Do you agree with my observation? Because I think it is fairly accurate.



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