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Re: Hitting Session

Posted by: rql () on Thu Oct 23 08:07:51 2008

> Jack or RQL
> I have a 6th period baseball class with 15 players in it and we hit 2 days a week. We have 45 minutes in which to hit and I am curious as to what you guys would do in my situation. We have use of cage, we have tees, soft toss area and pitching machine. We currently do not have either of our fields as they are under construction. Anyone else that have ideas are free to chime in. I am someone who is looking for guidance in the area of rotational hitting.
1st to you understand how to teach rotational hitting,do you understand over load underload training ,can you get 3 heavy bags from football team and strap them to tree or light pole,what kind of machine do you have,well put something together


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