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squashing the bug again

Posted by: grc () on Sat Apr 21 20:26:11 2001

jack....tim olson made an interesting comment..."squasing the bug is merely a rotational action while driving the rear kneee forward initiates rotation and weight shift"....i think he's right...extreme squashing of the bug is merely a rotational action OF THE BACK FOOT ONLY, and not contributing much if any to rotation of the hips........and tim made another statement: "driving forward off the rear foot and leg tends to launch the entire body into the swing"......again, i think tim has it right.....EVIDENCE: many of the video clips i see reveal the pros sort of first transferring the weight that was on their back foot to the inside part of their foot (bug squashers will try to keep thae weight on the ball of the back foot)...and as the hips rotate the back foot seems to sort of graze the dirtand perhaps the back foot eventually slides forward somewhat.....what do you thin, jack, tom, rql???? respectfully, grc.....


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