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Re: Re: Re: Batting practice in season

Posted by: ray porco () on Tue Apr 24 16:30:42 2001

We've started practicing outside, have scrimmages and games coming up. Indoor work finished 2 weeks ago.
> > > Now, everybody's swings are going to hell - from 3 days a week in batting cages to minimal swings at practice.
> > > How do you give the kids enough BP, live pitching, hitting practice during field practices. Before / after?
> > > Anybody else in this predicament?
> >
> > Your predicament is fairly common. We (HSFP) break the kids up into groups. While a group is working with one Coach on defense the other
> > has 6-7 kids hitting, we then rotate. You either do ths or look at what your weaknesses are and concentrate on them.
> major dan,
> one way to make up for lack of swings in field practices is to make the swings that the players get - QUALITY swings.
> try this: players rotate from field to batter's box. when a player steps in the box, make the count on him 0 - 2, BEFORE he has seen his first pitch. player remains in the box till he makes an out. every at bat starts with an 0 - 2 count. concentration goes up considerably and the field rotates pretty quickly keeping boredom down and getting in road work.
> also - coaches don't pitch. worst thing in the world, - coaches pitching. let the players pitch to each other or give one of your starters work if he isn't due in the rotation.
> ray porco

p.s. coaches call balls and strikes.


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