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muscling up then lighten before swing?

Posted by: Alec Fields (Akrus2321@aol.com) on Wed Mar 8 19:04:00 2006

I read in a book somewhere to pre-trigger ur arms by strectching the muscles while keeping them flexed, then unflex them right before u begin ur swing. This they say creates speed and also when i try it more coordination, is it good to flex then relax them as much as required to swing, without adding unneccesary "muscling"?

I read somewhere in a book that is it important to flex as hard as you can, while doing pre-launch, so it creates more speed, and in my experince when i try it, more coordination, i believe personally although not so sure about the speed part, (i think so it does though)so it would be nice if i could have some feed back on this, Thanks.


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