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Re: Re: Bottom Hand Torque

Posted by: grc () on Mon May 14 10:51:33 2001

>>> From what I've read, it seems to me that creating good bottom hand torque isn't a whole lot more than a good wrist snap. What do you think? <<<
> Hi John F
> The mechanics of applying bottom-hand-torque to the bat is a very different than the traditional wrist-snap concept. The wrist-snap is part of the whip theory where the batter quickly extends the bat knob first until the arms near full extension. The whip and wrist-snap theory would have the hands and knob of the bat extended while the bat-head remains back. Then the transfer of the batís momentum along with the snapping of the wrist is supposed to accelerate the bat-head to contact.
> John, I think a more careful reading of bottom-hand-torque principles and mechanics will reveal a very different concept from the wrist snapping approach.
> Jack Mankin
> jack....from those i have heard propose the wristsnap, they were referring to the wristsnap as the final part of the swing, not as part of keeping the bat back...that's a new one on me...respectfully, grc....


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