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Re: Re: Jack is the Mike Esptein Mechanics the same as yours???

Posted by: Dan - Texas (djbuchanan@mapllc.com) on Tue May 15 09:49:28 2001

Hi Jack
> >
> > Is the Mike Esptein Mechanics the same as yours because he talks about rotation around a axis and torque and etc.. In my view i think he use's rotational mechanics because he talks bout Ted Willams being his mentor and everybody no's Ted being a rotational hitter. so basicly is Mike's Mechanics the same as yours?
> While Mike Epstein may use similar terms when explaining the mechanics he teaches, they are not the same from appearance. And to be honest I have not seen too many if any persons that have been successful and consistent with the mechanics that he teaches. Have you? I mean, actually seen it "first" hand and not just word of mouth?


Please explain the differences between your views and Mike's.

Dan - Texas


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