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Training aid/drill for not pulling off the ball?

Posted by: playblu (playblu@hotmail.com) on Thu Jan 1 09:51:18 2009

Hi. I've worked with Jack's method and started turning my hips more - I was "all arms" before - but I've developed another problem, I think. With the increased turn, I find I make less contact, and I think it's because my head is turning more now that my hips and torso are turning more. So, when I make contact, I'm looking at the pitcher, instead of at the ball (though I've heard it's impossible to actually follow the ball all the way to the bat - whatever). I tried to correct it myself some in the cages, and my early results were promising. It's going to be hard to take that into the field, though. What can I do to try to "keep my head in", but still make a nice hip turn?


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