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Re: Re: the right bat

Posted by: Tim Milligan (tbarth@deaconspoint.com) on Wed May 31 07:26:39 2006

Thanks Guru,

He got a chance last night to borrow a couple of bats from some kids at the park. Hit a 28", -9oz and a 29", -8oz. Both senior league bats with 2.75" barrels. He did pull almost every pitch with the 28", but was making solid contact. The 29" was a bit of a chore, but he was also probably getting a little tired and was not choking up.

I am sold on the big barrel bat for next season. Is there any real difference between the better bats on the market. I am considering three.

TPX Dynasty -9.5oz
TPX Omaha -9.5oz
Kelly N. Fuego -9oz

My thoughts are to get him the one that he likes the most. Kind of like picking a puppy. If there are some differences that make one that much better than the other I would like to here about them though.

Is the Dynasty that much better than the Omaha? Does anyone know anything about the Kelley bat? Any other suggestions or experiences?




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