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Re: Question

Posted by: rql () on Sat Feb 7 10:47:27 2009

> In trying to understand more and more about rotational hitting here is a question. It seems to me that the shoulders are a key component and that the hands stay back and a player uses his shoulders or upper body to accelerate the bat head as opposed to his hands. Is this correct?
the whole body you will learn has a synchronized part in applying force,the hips initiate 1st and stretch the core so the upper body can get fully loaded and sling shot around however the the arm and hand action while staying back are applying torque which is a force that enhances the batspeed early and on thru contact.So a quick answer is that the hands stay back though they are applying force[torque] while the body is getting linked up and the connection gets the hands and bat firing just after this initiation,lots more for others to fill in here


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