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no such thing as linear hitting

Posted by: ScottW (stwinton@netzero.net) on Tue Jun 20 10:40:23 2006

This coming from a linear hitting coach....everybody is a rotational hitter!...some more so then others….some more, pending pitch location...the prevailing thought on this site is to lump hitters into categories, A or B...that’s simply not the case.

With that said...the best way to hit a fastball on the inner half is NOT to make your first move with you hands perpendicular to the flight of the ball!

I believe that instruction regarding the proper hand path (I actually like to use the term TRACK instead of path) to the specific pitch location is better if the player visualizes a linear path…getting to the ball, and then keeping the bat in the zone through the ball. “To it, then through it.”


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