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Re: correct grip on the bat

Posted by: Scott W. (stwinton@netzero.net) on Tue Jun 20 10:46:31 2006

> I have been keeping a close eye on the grips that the major leaguers use and I noticed that mine is a little different and was wondering if it was just because they have bigger or hands or not. Simple things like correct grip could play a role in bat speed.
> I grip the bat with the thumb of my top hand wrapping around between my index and middle finger and I notice most MLB hitters if not all have the thumb resting completley on top of the index finger.

You have the bat to far back into your palm...Gorilla Grip! Keep it more in your fingers. When you grip the bat, point your pointer fingers strait out, they should both be pointed in the same direction, Id bet yours are going in opposite directions. This grip makes you attempt to swing the bat with your triceps and biceps, good muscle groups for moving heavy objects, bad muscle group for catching up to a 90 mph fastball.

Loose = Quick!


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