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Re: wrapping the bat

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Mar 17 10:49:07 2009

>>> How do I get a 10yr old to stop wrapping the bat? He starts fine but when he loads he tends to wrap the bat .... what can I do to help stop or correct this? <<<

Hi Chuck

"Wrapping the bat" past the normal launch position 'can' be a problem. I stressed 'can' because many great hitters have their bat wrapped well past the launch position in their stance and pre-launch movements. However, they all will accelerate the bat-head rearward to the normal launch position before they initiate shoulder rotation.

To make sure your son has a problem, I would suggest filming his swing to see if his bat is still wrapped to far at initiation. If it is, this is a problem that causes the bat to begin decelerating before contact. If on the other hand, he brings his bat back to the launch position as he initiates rotation, there is no problem. I will place below a couple of video clips from the Archives on this topic.

Difference in PLT & THT

Bonds/A-rod side by side of PLT/THT/BHT

Jack Mankin


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