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Pain in hands

Posted by: RS () on Sat Jun 23 08:31:17 2001

I just have a question I hope somebody can answer. I know a lot about sports, mostly basketball and baseball. My brother was very athletic and encouraged me to do the same. I played softball on some teams when I was 11 and 12. Last year was my first year to play softball since then (about 10 years ago). Everything was fine. However, last night my husband and I went to the batting cages just for fun. I was in the cage with the "fast" softball (about 55 mph). I hit the ball several times, but there were 2 hits that REALLY hurt my hands (I was using an aluminum bat). It was bad enough that I had to stop and let the next pitch just go by. What went wrong? Was it the way I was holding the bat, or where the bat hit the ball, or how the ball was pitched? I don't think I've ever had my hands hurt that bad when hitting a ball. If someone knows anything about this, I would appreciate an answer.


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